xDrip+ one month free trial

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Good news – below you can register for one month free trial xDrip InfluxDB Cloud with Grafana! InfluxDB with Grafana is an alternative for Nightcout. First month is free of charge.
One Year subscription cost 60PLN/15Euro/18USD (you can pay via PayPal, Revolut or Bank account).

– Personal data base for storing results from xDrip application
– Individual Grafana’s dashboard (access via PC/Mobile internet browser limited only for logged users)
– Grafana has English version, but we can translate labels in dashboard for any language
– Fully encrypted communication between your device and servers
– Preconfigured Grafana Dashboard with current results, result from last 24h, current trends (tables, charts and single stats)
– Results will be stored for one-two years (this can be enlarged)
– Alerts and notification – we can add notification on your email or Slack/Telegram application (in case hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia)
– Possibility to export results to CSV/JSON files
– We can also import archived results from your files CSV/TXT/XLS

Sample dashboard:

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